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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Despite what you may think, linen is better at keeping you cooler than cotton in the summer months due to its breathability as a fabric. 


When you find a jumper you love, you want to wear it every day – and that means it needs to be wearable all year round. We’d say your best option would be a long-sleeve cashmere jumper with a relatively light knit. 

That way, you can wear it over a T-shirt and under a coat in winter, or just over a vest in the summer, although cashmere is gentle enough to wear against the skin if you prefer. We sell our medium-weight Classic Star Jumpers all year round, so our customers agree!

Winter fashion is obviously about keeping warm, but it’s important that your clothing is breathable and, of course, that it looks fantastic. 

In our opinion, the winter winner is cashmere. It’s light wool with good insulation, but it’s also naturally breathable so you’ll stay fresh. You can wear a cotton T-shirt underneath it when you really need to wrap it up, but it’s perfect for indoor and outdoor wear in the cooler months.

Our cotton knit jumpers and jersey T-shirts can be put in the washing machine at medium temperature. As for cashmere, we recommend hand-washing in lukewarm water with a very gentle soap (some people use baby shampoo instead of washing powder). 

Then, let it air-dry on a flat rack – don’t hang it up. There’s specific washing information on each garment page – just click “Garment care” – and on the clothing labels. Also, refer to our articles on dry cleaning and ironing cashmere for more information.