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10 ways to look after your cashmere jumper

How to wash cashmere jumpers

At Luella, we get lots of requests from customers asking for information on how best to look after their latest cashmere purchase, so we thought we'd put together this helpful how-to guide. 

About cashmere

Cashmere is a natural fibre from cashmere goats, which take their name from the Himalayan region of Kashmir. It has lightweight softness while being beautifully warm and cosy. Our cashmere garments are designed in the UK and produced especially for us in Italy. 

Is cashmere difficult to wash?

Cashmere can have an unfair reputation for being difficult to care for. But our blended cashmere garments contain 30% cashmere and are blended with either merino wool, or a blend of merino wool and bamboo, which means they are easy to care for compared with 100% cashmere. This ensures you can wear your Luella cashmere knits again and again.

Cashmere care

Here are our top tips for looking after your cashmere knits, to ensure they have a long and happy life with you:

1. Lift stains with a cloth and sparkling water
Localised marks can often be removed by dabbing gently with a cool, dampened soft cloth. Sparkling water can be effective, as air bubbles can trap and lift particles.

2. Hand washing is best
As washing machines may vary, we would recommend – to be on the safe side – hand washing our jumpers to prevent damage to fibres. 

Cashmere care hand washing

Cashmere care hand washing cycle

3. Use a handwash or gentle wash cycle
If you can’t hand wash, then the handwash or gentle/delicates wash cycle on your washing machine is next best thing.  

4. Choose your detergent carefully
Use a mild wool detergent or baby shampoo in cool/lukewarm water and always spot test on a discreet area to ensure no colour transfer from the cloth or shampoo.

5. Use a laundry bag
Using a laundry bag will stop the jumper getting twisted with other items in the drum. If you don’t have one, then a pillowcase will be fine.

6. Rinse clean in cool water
Don’t wring or twist your jumper. Instead, gently squeeze so it doesn’t lose its shape. Carefully pressing in between a clean dry towel will help remove excess moisture.

Cashmere care rinse well in cool water

Cashmere care laying jumper flat

7. Avoid tumble drying
Never use hot water or tumble your garment dry. This will cause the fibres to contract and the garment to shrink. Saturated garments should not be lifted until excess water has been removed, as this may cause them to stretch.

8. Lay the jumper flat
Carefully lay the garment flat on a towel, away from sunlight or direct heat sources such as radiators, then roll it up so the towel absorbs most of the water. On a flat surface, gently smooth and press the garment back into shape with your palms.

9. Store well
It’s better to fold your jumpers rather than hang them long term, as a clothes hanger can stretch the fibres. If you do hang, do it where there’s natural air circulation to lift dust particles from the garment. Be aware that moths are on the rise in our homes and they love cashmere! Make sure your jumper is completely dry before storage and fold up in a zip lock bag with acid-free tissue if available to keep them safe.

10. Invest in a cashmere comb!
All cashmere is liable to pilling, which is a natural process caused when the fibres in the yarn rub against each other and form small balls. This is nothing to do with the quality of the product, but more to do with wearing it. And if you love it, you’ll wear it often! De-pilling your garment regularly will improve its appearance and maintain its longevity. A knitwear comb, such as our Luella Cashmere Comb, is a great idea to keep your jumper looking good as new. Gently run it over your flat jumper to remove the little bobbles.
Cashmere care Luella cashmere comb